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Emitter is a collective of multi-disciplinary visual explorers specialized in crafting compelling stories in collaboration with ambitious global brands.



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Sînziana Nicola

VFX Producer

Sînziana started working as a producer in 2014. Because of insatiable curiosity, she explored the flavors of various lines of production from audio dubbing content, short films, localisations and adaptations, to a lot of live action or full CG commercials. These diverse experiences and having met a lot of creatives from all over the world, have pointed out that her real passion is post production with a special preference for VFX and CGI.

Alex Doiciu

Rigging & Animation

With a rich and diverse experience spanning over 18 years in the realms of gaming and film animation, Alex Doiciu is one of the most skilled animators coming from Romania. Being a very technical artist, Alex creates his own rig, thus leveraging efficiancy throughout the entire pipeline. His creativity brings invaluable expertise to any engaging visual experiences.

Alexandru Pop

3D Generalist

Alex began his journey in VFX as a hobby during the final years of high school and continued during his time at the School of Architecture, where he utilized 3dsMax to visualize his projects. Following the financial crisis of 2008, he transitioned from architecture to VFX, effectively transforming his hobby into his profession. Over the years, he had the opportunity to experience various stages of VFX production, starting with art direction, modeling, animation, and culminating in simulations, rendering, and compositing.

Marius Bob

Lighting, Render, Comp

With an extensive background in broadcast television, Marius Bob has acquired a specialized range of skills related to audio/video content production. Being passionate about anything 3D and VFX, at Emitter Studio he is in charge of the finer details before rendering it all out for the World to see.

Călin Bogdacenco

VFX Supervisor, Comp, 3D

Călin Bogdacenco is a multidisciplinary creative based in Bucharest, Romania. He forged his skillset working for more than 20 years with some of the biggest Directors, Agencies and Studios in Romania. He creates, supervises and enhances visual concepts across all medias and delivery channels. His work seamlessly blends Live Action, CG and Animation delivering a unique aesthethic that fuses analogue qualities with digital experiences.


We are trusted by Telekom, Digi, Toyota, FIBA, La Festa, United Senses, Leo Burnett, Multimedia Est, Diud Studio, Saga Festival, ThankQ, DYN, Interliving and soon many more.

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